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Pate Stick

This traditional drumstick is used to hit the Pate's (Drums) to make the perfect sound of the Island beats.

Mother of Pearl Breastplate – 2

 Mother of pearl shell carved into a unique design. For male or female.

Monoi Oil Tiare Red 120ml spf 3

Size: L: 13.5cm x 5.5cm Our Island has natural fragrances that blow through our villages, the smell of our local flowers, the Tiare Maori, Tiare Tipani, and many other plant life that crowd our Island. That same beautiful scent that propels through the air can now be worn with you where ever you go as Perfumes, Oils and Soaps. The different varieties of Flowers serve us as useful material not only as these three options to give fragrance to the body, but also medicines that work very well with cramps, sore joints in the bones and many other ailments that harm the body.

Monoi Coconut Oil – Gift Pack 6pc

Size: L: 17cm x H: 8cm 6 x 30ml (1FL.OZ) bottles Monoi Tiki Tahitian Coconut Oil, an assortment of six different beautiful perfumed scented oils. Use as a tanning oil or moisturizer. Some bottles contain sun protection SPF3. Made in Tahiti.

Monoi Oil Insect Spray 120ml

Monoi coconut oil of Tahiti Insect Spray has all the softness and benefits of this famous oil lotion combined with the insect repellent. This is a great way to protect yourself from mosquito or sand fly but also nourishes your skin with coconut oil. Only natural products are used such as citronella added to the coconut oil. Now you can take this product to the beach and have an all in one tanning and insect repellent.

Large Pure Coconut Oil Soap

Locally made Coconut Oil Soap, comes with Large and Small size.

Cook Islands Vanilla Oil

Locally made coconut oil infused with Vanilla essence.

Monoi Oil and Coconut Soap

Coconut oil and soap
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We now offer the famous Tahitian monoi oil and our handcrafted coconut soap as a combination. Now you can either use the oil and then wash it off with our soap which still leaves the benefits of the healing oil on your skin or use soap and add more oil to your skin for long last repair and revitalisation.

Pure Coconut Oil Liquid Soap

100% Cook Island made. Pure coconut oil liquid soap - in a 250ml dispenser. Great product for washrooms and kitchens.

Monoi Tiki Tahiti Red Spray 120ml

120 ml, 4 Fl.OZ - SPF 3 Coco Coconut red with gardenia flower inserted. New spray bottle for economical and less hassle when applying. Made in Tahiti for those who love the sun

Fridge Magnet

Cook Islands Fridge Magnets available in different designs The magnet is 50mm x 55mm square.