Like all our business is being affected by this COVID-1, like us, we are also feeling the pinch with the lack of tourist coming to the island but our website is still open to everyone in the world 24hrs a day 7 days a week and still receiving orders. So we are extending to anyone that does crafts, artwork, cultural products, fashion we can help!

To help out other businesses here we are offering free listings on our website whereby the can use our platform to sell their products online. We use ANZ local egate payment system on our website which means we can accept payment via Creditcard and it will come to the Local ANZ here.

We have developed a plugin to work with the ANZ egate for those Businesses that want to include it on their own website but this plugin works only with WordPress’s Woocommerce system so if you want to use this platform for online shopping or orders, please contact directly.

We will create a custom page on the website that you can use for a website link which will have your product/s listed on the site. If an item gets sold we will contact you to let you know. Our website has calculated the weight of products to give a rough estimate on postage to be calculated. Please note we will take a commission from the sale of an item to help cover our costs but if you don’t make money neither do we.

Starting from Monday if you want you can either come down to our factory and bring down your information or products that you want to sell and we can take photos if you don’t have them but the following information for your page on our website will include the following info:

Business Info
Business Name
Photo of the business owner
Your Logo
FB page/website

Products Information
Product title
Product description
Photo of your products (white background)
Product ad ons (extra customisations)
Weight of products
Dimensions of product or sizing chart.

If you would like to sell your products online please fill out the form or pop down to our Factory office near St Josephs school in Avarua.

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