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Tamarind Chutney

Description: Sweet smooth flavour with the delicious tang of tamarind. If you like tamarind you'll eat this with anything. Particularly nice condiment to a vegetable curry. Ingredients: Tamarind, garlic, green pawpaw, ginger, oil, salt, sugar, spices.

Banana Mustard

Description: Smooth and fruity with a light mustard flavour. No added sugar or sweeteners. Ingredients: banana, fruit, garlic, salt, turmeric, chili, vinegar, mustard, spices

Lime Curry Pickle

Description: Salty lime, a little bitter, lightly spiced with a smooth oil finish. An Indian recipe eaten with curry. Ingredients: lime segments, salt, olive oil, vinegar, garlic, chili, spices, sugar

Piere Preserve

Description: An adult energy snack. Delicious strips of juicy dried banana with just a little after taste of a sweet light fruit wine. Ingredients: Sun dried banana preserved in a fruit wine.

Red Chili Jam

Description: Sweet ginger & lime followed by a pleasant lingering heat. Use in marinade, as you woruld chilli sauce or as a condiment alongside any dish. Thick jam consistency. Ingredients: Red chill's, pawpaw, salt, sugar, garlic, ginger, fish sauce

Turmeric Paste

Description: No added sugar or salt; a hint of chili. Cooked in good Mauke sea water for the benefit of trace elements. Use as is or in cooking e.g. with veges, spread over fish to steam or on any meat. As a health drink add a spoonful to hot water with a little honey if desired. Use hot milk and whizz for a turmeric latte. Ingredients: Coconut cream, Turmeric, ginger, green pawpaw, chilli, lime juice, clean Mauke sea water.

Bitter Lime Marmalade

Description: Sweet and tangy with a touch of bitter skin. Pronounced 'delicious' by British visitors who make their own marmalade. Nice as dip for coconut slices or drizzled over green salad. Ingredients: Seedless cross sections of lime, water, sugar

Cinnamon & Pawpaw Jam

Description: Mild, mid-sweet jam with the taste of cinnamon coming through. Ingredients: Pawpaw, sugar, lemon, ginger, cinnamon

Coconut Jam

Description: Delicious caramel coconut spread with a little zest of lime. Eat as you would any sweet jam or use as a topping or filling for a cake – suggestion: apply while cake is still warm to allow flavour to seep into cake. Ingredients: Grated coconut, coconut water, lime, sugar, spice

Lime Marmalade

Description: Loads of lime slices in a sweet soft set (reduced sugar). Flavour reminiscent of home made lemonade. Ingredients: Seedless cross sections of lime, water, sugar

Pawpaw & Ginger Jam

Description: Sweet with just a little tang and ginger overtones. Ingredients: Pawpaw, sugar, lime, ginger

Raparapa Marmalade

Description: Similar taste to starfruit marmalade, but processed differently for softer lime skins and a jam consistency making it easier to handle and bite. Ingredients: Raparapa (starfruit) & lime cross sections, water, sugar