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Akari Miri Vai’i

Description: Andrew's Mama Taorangi Hosking's massage remedy for aches, e.g. after sports. Warm in hands before applying or, for a deep tissue massage, warm a little in a teaspoon over a flame. Ingredients: Traditionally made coconut oil, local herb

Akari Pi

Description: Good for relieving skin conditions e.g. rashes and scrapes. Akari Pi is Mauke's most recognised theraputic oil. The recipe was given via a dream to a Maukean girl decades ago. Ingredients: Traditionally made coconut oil, local herb

Ginger & Garlic Paste

Description: No added sugar or salt. Cooked in good Mauke sea water for the benefit of trace elements. Use as is or in cooking e.g. with veges, spread over steak to BBQ. For sore throats make a soothing drink - add a spoonful to hot water with a little honey if desired. Ingredients: Ginger, pawpaw, sea water, lime juice, coconut water, garlic, turmeric.