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Bitter Lime Marmalade

Description: Sweet and tangy with a touch of bitter skin. Pronounced 'delicious' by British visitors who make their own marmalade. Nice as dip for coconut slices or drizzled over green salad. Ingredients: Seedless cross sections of lime, water, sugar

Cinnamon & Pawpaw Jam

Description: Mild, mid-sweet jam with the taste of cinnamon coming through. Ingredients: Pawpaw, sugar, lemon, ginger, cinnamon

Coconut Jam

Description: Delicious caramel coconut spread with a little zest of lime. Eat as you would any sweet jam or use as a topping or filling for a cake – suggestion: apply while cake is still warm to allow flavour to seep into cake. Ingredients: Grated coconut, coconut water, lime, sugar, spice

Delicious locally made Fudge

Delicious locally made Fudge, perfect gifts for everybody and for all occasion or to simply  say : "I miss you and I love you "

Guava Jelly

Description: Tasty, lovely translucent pinkish colour with distinctive guava perfume. Ingredients: Guava, water, sugar, lime

Lime Marmalade

Description: Loads of lime slices in a sweet soft set (reduced sugar). Flavour reminiscent of home made lemonade. Ingredients: Seedless cross sections of lime, water, sugar

Mango Passion Jam

Ingredients: mango, passionfruit, sugar, lime juice, spicesDescription: A sweet and sour delight. Contains some passionfruit seeds. Use as you would

Pawpaw & Ginger Jam

Description: Sweet with just a little tang and ginger overtones. Ingredients: Pawpaw, sugar, lime, ginger

Pumpkin Jam

Description: Sweet pumpkin flavoured with traditional pumpkin pie spices. Ingredients: Pumpkin, sugar, lime, coconut water, salt, sweet spices

Raparapa Marmalade

Description: Similar taste to starfruit marmalade, but processed differently for softer lime skins and a jam consistency making it easier to handle and bite. Ingredients: Raparapa (starfruit) & lime cross sections, water, sugar

Soursop & Raparapa Syrup

Description: Sweet and tangy. Use as you would any sweet syrup – on toast, dribbled over ice-cream or add a little to enhance a green salad dressing. "Ingredients: Soursop, raparapa, water, sugar, lemon juice"

Starfruit Marmalade

Description: Distinct stars suspended in citrus to make a classy looking chunky marmalade with bite. Whole slices can be used as a garnish with meat such as ham. Ingredients: Starfruit & lime cross sections, lemon juice, water, sugar