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21st Key Story

Lydia was born on the 23rd of November 1998, in sunny Rarotonga. She is the biological daughter of Tangimokopuna Kimitaunga but was raised by her adopted parents Nootai and Oki Karena on the island of Mangaia. She is the apple of her parents eye, the flower of their home and the answer to her parents prayer.

With Lydias birth they became a complete family and her parents was the happiest couple in the world as they were not blessed with a child of their own. In Lydia’s upbringing she was showered with love and kindness by her parents. She not only grew up to be a humbled kind and strong young woman she also became a role model for her younger peers and was very much loved in her community.

In 2014 Lydia was awarded the Mangaia School Dux and the tears of joy of her parents cannot be hidden as they watched their daughter walked up to receive her award. Lydia recalled that was one of the most memorable day of her life seeing  the expression on her parents face it was priceless. They were so proud of her and the girl she became, finally their hard work has paid off. Life was great.

Their happiness was however  short-lived when the family was hit with a devastating news. This brought everyone on their knees as the family mourned the loss of a sister, aunty, mama, friend and mum. Lydia not only lost her mum but she also lost her best friend the love of her life. Lydia said” it was one of the most heartbreaking and devastating times of my life”. I thank God for the strength to stay strong but I miss mum so much”

Unique 21st Key

Mrs Nootai Karena died last year in April 2018. Her dream was to celebrate Lydia’s 21st but unfortunately, she sadly passed away. In her younger days prior to her marriage to Oki Karena she helped raised these 3 children myself Illyana, Tangiteina and Clifford. She also helped raise our children. As we recall it she loved us unconditionally and her death came as a devastating news to all of us. Before her death she has asked us to go back to Mangaia and join her to celebrate our sisters Lydia’s birthday, Now she has gone we have to rallied with the family to celebrate Lydia’s 21st and unveil her stone on the 23rd of November 2019 which brought the purpose of this key.