Pacific hand craft jewelry box


SMALL – 200mm x 260mm x 140mm – $450
MEDIUM – 300mm x 190mm x 200mm – $650
LARGE – 370mm x 190mm x 255mm – $950

Includes One image, standard text, half designs
Fully designed – extra more than 1 image -$20 per image refer to 21st catalogue for additions e.g. inlay, pearls etc.

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Once the proof is completed the box should take around a week to make. Postage from the Cook Islands takes 1 week to New Zealand and around 3 weeks to Australia and other countries.

Evermore no.9 – Casket Spray – Artificial Arrangement

Timeless Elegance Casket Spray: A beautifully curated arrangement of artificial blossoms, meticulously designed to honor cherished memories. This casket spray offers perpetual beauty, combining the symbolism of eternal love with the practicality of lasting resilience. An impeccable tribute that remains vibrant, irrespective of time and weather, encapsulating heartfelt sentiments for a final farewell.

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Jewlery Box

About our Boxes

Introducing our exquisite hand-made wooden jewelry box, where traditional artistry meets the allure of Pacific Island designs. Meticulously carved and crafted by skilled artisans, this jewelry box is a celebration of cultural heritage and natural beauty, brought to life through intricate patterns and charming animal motifs.

Each box is carefully constructed from premium-quality wood. The wood’s warmth and character give the jewelry box an organic, inviting feel, making it a cherished keepsake with a touch of island charm.

The exterior of the box showcases delicate carvings, drawing inspiration from the mesmerizing elements of Pacific Island culture. As the skilled hands of our artisans bring these designs to life, a sense of exotic allure envelopes the jewelry box, making it a stunning fusion of traditional craftsmanship and island aesthetics.

Opening the lid reveals a luxuriously lined interior, thoughtfully designed to protect and showcase your precious jewels. The soft, velvet lining embraces your jewelry pieces, ensuring they remain untangled and scratch-free, while still exuding the elegance of the Pacific Island ambiance.

Alongside the captivating designs, we’ve included delightful animal motifs inspired by the rich biodiversity of the Pacific Islands. These intricate carvings pay homage to the region’s unique fauna, adding a touch of whimsy and nature’s wonders to the jewelry box.

The lid’s secure closure ensures your jewelry remains safe and secure, making this jewelry box the ideal companion for travel or everyday use.

We take pride in offering our hand-made wooden jewelry boxes to customers worldwide. No matter where you reside, you can experience the charm of the Pacific Islands and the artistry of our talented artisans. We provide fast and reliable international shipping services, so you can bring a piece of cultural heritage and natural beauty into your home, no matter your location.

Embrace the timeless allure of Pacific Island designs with our handcrafted wooden jewelry box, a true testament to the artistry and beauty that can only be achieved through skilled hands and a passion for preserving cultural heritage. Experience the joy of owning a truly unique and exquisite piece that reflects the richness of Pacific Island traditions while adding a touch of island paradise to your life.


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