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Little pink joy (Baby Pack)

Cute little pink pack suitable for any occasion for a baby girl and for her family Nappies, bottle, shampoo, Teddy bear... and some little treats for the family flowers can also be added to this pack if need for extra

Delicious locally made Fudge

Delicious locally made Fudge, perfect gifts for everybody and for all occasion or to simply  say : "I miss you and I love you "

Savoury Pack 1

Yummy savory pack 1 : light crackers yummy cheese ( cheese depends on what is available) 2 of our tasty locally made Mauke Moment ( chutney, jam, sweet preserved banana)

“Something sweet, Something savory Gift pack “

"Something sweet, Something savory Gift pack " Perfect little Gift pack to send to someone special :
  • 2 littles bubbly bottles
  • 2 little yummy crackers
  • Chocolate
  • Mixed nuts
  • Beautiful candles to set the mood
  • and a lovely little gift ( earrings or a pendant)