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Tangaroa Profile

Tangaroa was the god of creation, fishing, the sea, carpentry, planting and the weather. He is one of the outstanding gods in as much that he was present in most islands of the Polynesian pacific although he varied in different forms. This carving is the Cook Islands god TANGAROA

Mother of Pearl Shell on pearl shellBase with local designs

Pearl shell with local designs on pearl shell base is the perfect gift or trophy for your special event We

Monoi Coconut Oil – Gift Pack 6pc

Size: L: 17cm x H: 8cm 6 x 30ml (1FL.OZ) bottles Monoi Tiki Tahitian Coconut Oil, an assortment of six different beautiful perfumed scented oils. Use as a tanning oil or moisturizer. Some bottles contain sun protection SPF3. Made in Tahiti.

Monoi Tiki Tahiti Red Spray 120ml

120 ml, 4 Fl.OZ - SPF 3 Coco Coconut red with gardenia flower inserted. New spray bottle for economical and less hassle when applying. Made in Tahiti for those who love the sun

Tropical Dancer

Mixed with Tropical flowers, lilies and assorted greenery...
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Yellow & White sunshine

A great mixture of local and overseas flowers to create a radiant arrangement with beautiful sunny colors to bright your special person day. CALL US NOW! (682) 22009 Or EMAIL - [email protected]

Helmet shell

Please note shipping for this product to NZ is $50

A3 MOCD Te Maeva Nui 2019 Calendar

A3 size Te Maeva Nui 2020 poster from the Ministry of Cultural Development. These photos are taken from our Te Maeva Nui 2019 Festival.