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A grade pearl/shell drop S/S earrings

Stunning Sterling Silver pearl/ shell drop earrings . Beautiful colors with gorgeous polynesian carvings in the pearl shell.    

A grade shell shark tooth design pendant

$150.00 $100.00
This shark tooth design pendant is made from A grade Mother of Black pearl shell. The black pearl and the polynesian carved design on the shell bring out the power and the majesty of this sea creature.

Aqua blue Rito earrings

Locally made Aqua blue Rito earrings  

Black and white small rito earring

Locally made small black and white rito earring

Coconut Shell Soap Dispenser – Cook Is

 Coconut shell soap dispenser - contains 200ml of our pure coconut oil liquid soap.  These would look great in any washroom or kitchen.  They can also be reused/refilled.