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Te Rongo – Mangaia

Rongo was the god of Mangaia who has 3 sons Rangi, Mokoiro & Akatauira. He simply lifted the island up from deep, becoming its 1st settlers & ancestors of the Nga Ariki tribe. Traditional name of Mangaia was A’u A’u Nui o Rongo ki te Ao Marama (big terraced land of rongo in world of daylight).

Pukapuka Goddess – (Ngaliyeyeu)

This was the god of the vast wind. The gods of the winds were consulted before voyaging, either directly or through the priests. These gods were directly interested in the control of the sea. They were appealed to in sickness, for the curing of which their reputation was high. Ngaliyeyeu was the god who reintroduced fire to the pukapukans after the seismic wave by giving it to his priest Te Ule.

God Staff

God staff can be found in varies sizes ranging from few centimetres up to 13 feet. They are completed with respective intricate designs, motifs with it own unique depiction & story. The ’God staff’ has many significant Healing, Spiritual & Power symbol representation within the Cook Islands and Pacific Island traditional cultures. When understanding it spiritual presence and good practical nature, one begins to gain more insight into uncovering the simple mysteries and enriched peaceful and ancient life of the Polynesian people.