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Medium wooden fish hook

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Wooden Fish Hook

This special piece is made to order. Hand carved Fish hook : 25" Made from our local Mahogany wood Carved by our local carver Beautiful carving to remind you of Cook islands or for your Polynesian/ pacific Island collection

Wooden Fish Hook with Tangaroa

20" Mahogany wooden fish hook with tangaroa Locally Hand carved by our Local carver Tangaroa carved on the handle is to bring luck to your house, office, in your life in general. Tangaroa was the God of Abundance so it makes sense that the carver wished his carving to bring luck to yours. Great gift for any occasion such as 21st, 40th... for anniversary

Large Wooden fish hook

35" Tek wood fish hook Very large Hand carved by your local carver Very precise Polynesian/ pacific islands motifs carved on the whole carving Tangaroa on the handle is to bring good vibes, luck to your home as it represents abundance in the Polynesian culture. This carving will be a great piece of art to have in your home or for a special gift