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Tangaroa Profile

Tangaroa was the god of creation, fishing, the sea, carpentry, planting and the weather. He is one of the outstanding gods in as much that he was present in most islands of the Polynesian pacific although he varied in different forms. This carving is the Cook Islands god TANGAROA

Tangaroa/Dolphin Profile

This is a design of a Tangaroa with Dolphin blended in together, a very unique piece.

Quick Overview

Size: L:75cm x W:22cm

Rongo god

RONGO and his three sons This Mangaian god Rongo was the father of the three sons who were the ancestors of the Ngariki tribe of Mangaia. They were Rangi, Mokoiro and Akatauira

Pate with stick

This is one of the Cook Islands famous instruments called a Pate or in english "DRUM" Used most times at speacial functions and Dancing competitions. When paired up with her sisters, they make a distinct and certain sound. Size: L:28cm x W:6.5cm

Pate Stick

This traditional drumstick is used to hit the Pate's (Drums) to make the perfect sound of the Island beats.

Kumete Bowl

Kumete Bowls are made from our local wood Tamanu, Toa and Miro, very colourful pieces of wood. The Kumete is used as a normal plastic bowl is used for, such as the keeping of Fruits, Vegetables and other things. Excludes Engraving and other additions. Size: L: 52 cm x W: 31.5 cm

Medium Wooden Fish Hook

You can us on ph:22-009 or email admin@islandcraft.co.ck  for more information

Coconut Bra

These come in two different designs. Plain Cut or in an Orama design. It also comes in 3 different sizes. Large, Medium and Small.