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Aitutaki Cook Islands

Your guide to the beautiful island of Aitutaki. A popular destination for locals and tourists with the largest lagoon, Aitutaki is a must visit.

Te Maeva Nui 2016 DVD

 Showcasing our culture and celebrating 51 years of self-governance here in the Cook Islands. Watch the Islands of the Cook Islands celebrate this milestone in ways unique to each Island and their culture.

A3 MOCD Te Maeva Nui 2019 Calendar

A3 size Te Maeva Nui 2020 poster from the Ministry of Cultural Development. These photos are taken from our Te Maeva Nui 2019 Festival.

A4 MOCD 2020 Calendar

A5 MOCD 2020 Calendar, these images are taken from the 2019 Te Maeva Nui Festival in Rarotonga.