Earrings with Polynesian Designs: Celebrating the Rich Cultural Heritage of Polynesia

polynesian earrings

Polynesian earrings come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all share a common theme: they are designed to showcase the beauty and importance of Polynesian culture. The designs on Polynesian earrings are often inspired by nature and incorporate symbols that are important to Polynesian traditions. For example, the tiki is a common symbol in Polynesian art and represents the god of creation. Earrings with tiki designs may feature intricate carvings of the figure, or may simply incorporate elements of the tiki into their design. 

Another common symbol in Polynesian art is the maile leaf, which represents peace and friendship. Earrings with maile leaf designs may feature delicate, filigree-style leaves that dangle from the ear, or they may be more substantial and feature larger, stylized leaves that are meant to make a statement. 


polynesian style earrings
polynesian style earrings in shape of a flower

Other Polynesian designs that are commonly featured on earrings include patterns of waves, sunrays, and flowers. These designs are often used to represent the natural beauty of Polynesia and its connection to the environment. For example, earrings with wave designs may feature swirling, intricate patterns that evoke the movement of the ocean, while earrings with sunray designs may incorporate rays of light and energy into their design. 

Polynesian earrings are typically made from natural materials such as bone, shell, or wood. These materials are often carved or etched with intricate designs that highlight the beauty and uniqueness of Polynesian art. Earrings with Polynesian designs may also feature other materials, such as beads or feathers, which are used to add texture and dimension to the design. 

In Polynesian culture, earrings are often worn as a way to celebrate and showcase one’s heritage and identity. They are worn for special occasions such as weddings and cultural festivals, as well as for everyday wear. Earrings with Polynesian designs are often passed down through families as heirlooms, and are treasured as symbols of cultural heritage and tradition. 

In recent years, Polynesian earrings with designs inspired by traditional Polynesian art have become popular beyond Polynesian culture. They are now a popular type of jewelry around the world, worn by people who appreciate the beauty and symbolism of Polynesian art. Whether you are of Polynesian heritage or simply appreciate the art and culture of Polynesia, earrings with Polynesian designs are a beautiful and meaningful way to celebrate this rich and vibrant culture. 

Manutai Rito Earrings

Rito (soften white fibre made from coconut tree leaves) is highly prized as weaving material and is used to make woven jewellery, hats and fans.

Polynesian Design rectangle Pearl shell earrings

These earrings are made from the Mother of Pearl shell, from which the precious black pearl is harvested, originating from

Oval Shape Shell Earrings with Fern designs

These earrings are made from the Mother of Pearl shell, from which the precious black pearl is harvested, originating from

Tear drop Manu Design Pearl Shell earrings

The Mother of Pearl shell, from which the precious black pearl is harvested, originates from the pristine lagoons of the